Friday, June 20, 2014

Add Medium Gear Capablity on OpenShift

The OpenShift Virtual Machine download is pre-configured with one node, in one district with a small gear profile. There are two ways to add another gear size
  • add another node, in a new district with medium gears, but easier is it to
  • remove the district restriction and allow both small and medium gears.
Edit the /etc/openshift/plugins.d/openshift-origin-msg-broker-mcollective.conf, and set

Next in edit the /etc/openshift/broker.conf and set

Then restart the node to let the changed take effect. If you have an existing user you may need to add the medium capability explicitly  using something like oo-admin-ctl-user -l demo --addgearsize medium.

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vkasala said...


after this modification I am not able to create app from the rhc and remote repository.

~ rhc app create tourbook -s
The cartridge '' will be downloaded and installed

Application Options
Domain: origin
Gear Size: default
Scaling: yes

Creating application 'tourbook' ...
Unable to complete the requested operation due to: No nodes available. Please try again and contact support if the issue persists.
Reference ID: 91ea54559c5cdd3998e7896e99aeea65