Friday, June 22, 2007

Maven sucks

I've been trying to like maven for over a year now, and it simply sucks. The problem is you get all this stuff you really don't need for free, plus it gets you there 90% of the way in no time. So you start off all happy. It's all based on conventions, so as long a you can follow them you are golden. SO now you're golden and in good spirits and then you get to the last 10% and now you're in trouble. The issue is that "The Best Tech Support in the World (Google) just does not index Maven well. Maybe Maven does to much with too little code. I love what Maven does for me, I love most of everything about Maven actually but "What Maven want Maven gets". No wonder Maven2 is a rewrite from Maven1, which -by the way- is making using Google even harder. Maybe in a few years it will suck less.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I got some more karma today. Apache is all about Karma, you may have comitter privileges but that is meaningless without karma. Today I found out I that I was left off the 'general comitter list', which was corrected. My Karma is fully restored. I can sleep well tonight.