Sunday, February 13, 2011

IPhone 3Gs Battery Drain - part 1

I've had my iphone for a little over a year, and since last Friday it drains the battery in about 5 hours, this while the day before I could go for 48 hours between charges. I also noticed it being warmish. I figured it is an app that is stuck, however

- hard reset does not alleviate the issue, and
- doing a full restore does not help either.

I figured that before going over to see apple store I would restore it to having the default OS/firmware only. The idea being, that if it still drains in this configuration, then the phone is just defect. Well I did, and.. my phone is fine now! So while this is good news, this must mean that it is an app that is somehow causing the issues. How am I going to find which app is causing the issues?? I guess I have the following options:

1. Leave it the way it is and slow add apps back as I need them
2. Do a full restore and use bisection on app deletion/addition.
3. I guess i could try to figure out which apps I upgraded last week and delete those, hoping that it is one of these updates of last week.
4. There is no taskmon app right? Wouldn't it be great to simply see which process is eating my CPU cycles/battery..

Love to hear your ideas!



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