Friday, June 5, 2009

jUDDI Release-3.0.0.beta

I'm proud to announce the release of jUDDI-3.0.0.beta. Since the alpha release the implementation has shown stability and performance, and it implements the final two UDDI API implementations targeted for the 3.0.0 release; "Subscription" and "Custody transfer". Subscriptions allow you to register for updates in the Registry. The registry will send out the notification by calling an endpoint defined at registration time. The generic UDDI client now supports InVM transport to allow jUDDI to run in embedded mode. For a complete overview of what went into this release see the release notes:

Finally, we also started work on the console.

The console is Pluto portal which plugs in uddi-portlets. The portlets are GWT based. We'd have one to Publish, Search, Browse, Subscribe etc.. Right now you can see a tree of services under the publisher you log in as. You can download the portal-bundle from the following url if you want to see it all in action.


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