Tuesday, February 10, 2009

jUDDI 2.0rc6 released

Today the jUDDI team released the -hopefully final- release candidate for of jUDDI-2.0. One of the major new release artifacts is a jUDDI-tomcat bundle which is a jUDDI server bundled with Tomcat and an embedded Derby database. This means that users can start using their UDDI server instantly. It is expected that the jUDDI-2.0 release will follow shortly, as well as a jUDDI-3.0alpha release. The full release notes can be found here. jUDDI-3.0 implements the UDDI v3.0.2 spec, while jUDDI-2.0 implements the UDDI v2 spec.



Antoine said...

Is Available to NetBeans 6.5 and GlassFish ???

Kurt Stam said...

I bet they will roll it in whenever they get a chance. There have been no API changes, so upgrading should simply be a drop-in of the new jars. That said, we have 1 Jira left before we can release jUDDI-2.0 final. So they may wait for that to happen.


Ionutzel said...

Maybe they should do a proper install tutorial before it becomes useful...you can hardly find the console and the structure is completely different...and no where is explained why and how it works

Kurt Stam said...

Hi Ionut,

The bundle (http://www.apache.org/dist/ws/juddi/2_0RC6/juddi-tomcat-2.0rc6.zip) has the console installed. So you can try that. That said it's ok for debugging things but it's very much like using a tool like SOAP UI. I've used the uddibrowser (uddibrowser.org) before. Which a step better, but it's got it's own issues and the project is abandoned. For jUDDIv3 we're trying hard to get a console project going.

Hope this helps,