Monday, March 17, 2008

NEJUG on SOA - The SOA-P Store: Bed, Bath and Beyond (II)

I'm happy to say that the presentation went over well. We got some great questions and in general I think people really got it. Tom Cunningham compiled a list of the questions we got:

Is the registry different than UDDI?
Is there portability across ESB implementations (Mule / Service Mix / JBoss)?
Is there portability across different BPEL providers?
When you are talking about components for ESB, are you talking about adapters?
How gunshy should I be using JBoss ESB (are people using it in production)?
What strategies can I use for portability between ESB providers?
Is there any inherent security in the content based routing? Are there plans on adding something in this area (ACEGI/Spring Security in particular)?
What would you typically see in an actions block?
Would an example of an action be something execuing a rule?
When do you use a J2EE Servlet Filter approach and when would you use ESB?
How would you roll back a transaction?
How do you integrate with RESTful services?
How tightly couple is the rules engine with the ESB?
What monitoring tools exist to see what is going on inside the ESB?
Is there a way inside the ESB to log payload in and out of the ESB?
Is the ESB's state recoverable? Will it maintain state?
How do you track long transactions?
What's the connection between Rules and the ESB?
Will hot deploy consume all current requests before redeploying?
Is load balancing simple round robin?
Does JBPM compete with BPEL?
Is there interactive debugging so that you can step through the JPDL flow?
Are the enterprise design patterns (wiretap, splitter, aggregatore) available inside of a visual designer in JBDS?
Is the JBPM plugin going to be available for NetBeans?
Who is the jbpm-console intended for?
What's the difference between SOA and ESB?
How do you migrate to ESB?

The most humorous question had to be the last one, where someone wanted to know if content based routing could be used as a method of escaping hardware licenses.

Sorry, you had to be there for the answers, but maybe it can be a start for a JBossESB FAQ page.

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